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We maintain a reputation for providing cost-effective management and prosecution of both small and large cases. We have extensive experience in all aspects of insurance, product liability, personal injury and subrogation law, with special emphasis on the investigation and defense of fraudulent insurance claims and casualty claims. We have chosen to focus our practice on litigation and litigation avoidance. By focusing our efforts in the area of property and casualty insurance disputes, product liability, subrogation and personal injury law, we have been able to streamline our services while maintaining the experience necessary to provide effective representation for our clients. Hanson Lulic & Krall, LLC is recognized for its ability to provide clients with an early case evaluation and overall case handling strategy, allowing clients to decide early on whether a case should be settled, submitted for Alternative Dispute Resolution or tried to a conclusion. We have extensive experience in the interpretation of insurance contract coverage issues, arson and other fraud defenses, and product liability. We handle multi-party litigation cases involving environmental, asbestos, mold, lead paint poisoning and catastrophic losses including the coverage issues that
result from those cases.